Founded in 2014 under the creative direction of Laura Carrillo and the strategic direction of CEO Cristina Lourenco. Boyfriend’s Shirt offers versatile easy-to-wear wardrobe staples focusing on subtle luxurious shirting, tailoring and outerwear.
The foundations of the brand stem from a belief in honestly made apparel, timeless designs and seasonal longevity which elegantly respond to the needs of real life. Laura fast became known for her eye for detail and playful tailoring.
Boyfriend’s Shirt is acclaimed for impeccable quality and strong, detail-focused aesthetic. With an ongoing commitment to high-quality fabrications and strong emphasis on sustainability. The brand continues to evolve, exploring the possibilities of deconstructing, reshaping and playing with classic silhouettes.
The boutique sits within a renovated colonial-style mansion in Juárez Mexico’s foremost retail destinations.
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